Credits and Awards

A list of productions and media projects that Duncan Brake has been involved in.


  • ‘HET LICHAAM VAN COPPENS’ – VTM, TV BASTARDS. (episode) Shark smell.
  • RED EPIC Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake, August 2015.
Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake films Het Lichaam Van CoppensThe Coppens brothers from Belgium travel the world to investigate various myths and put their own bodies on the line to scientifically test theories to seperate fact from fiction. In this episode they travel to Bimini in the Bahamas to test the reaction of their own human blood and fish blood to Sharks.

  • RED EPIC Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake, July 2015.
Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake films for Shark week 2016Our team follows world renowned shark scientist Dr Mike Heithaus to the Caribbean to examine the relationship between sharks and Dolphins. Filmed in 4K with RED EPIC camera and Gates Underwater Housing. Currently in post production due to air on Shark Week 2016.

  • RED EPIC Underwater cameraman & Topside cameraman Duncan Brake, May 2015.
Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake films a Triton Submarine for Discovery Canada's Daily PlenetDuncan Brake joins Discovery’s Daily Planet team to film a Triton Submarine in the Bahamas. The team visits Stuart’s Cove Dive operation in Nassau. Where they went out to the drop off to film the sub in action and take a ride deep into the abyss. Episode currently in Post Production.

  • ‘SHARK WEEK 2015: Press Shoot’ – DISCOVERY.
  • RED EPIC Underwater cameraman & Topside cameraman Duncan Brake, June 2015.
Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake films a Triton Submarine for Discovery Canada's Daily PlenetDiscovery and associated press visited the Sharklab in Bimini with Shark Week film maker Andy Brandy Casagrande to film Shark Week 2015 promotional segments. Duncan filmed Andy and the crew in action at the Shark pens and during a shark dive with Caribbean reef sharks.

  • RED EPIC Underwater cameraman & Topside cameraman Duncan Brake, April – May 2015.
Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake films a William Trubridge for Discovery Canada's Daily PlenetDuncan Brake joins Discovery’s Daily Planet team to film The Vertical Blue Free-diving competition in Long Island, the Bahamas. Alongside William Trubridge and Stig åvall Severinsen the team explores the fascinating world of free-diving and the ground breaking technology that is being used to make the sport safer. Episode currently in Post Production.

  • RED EPIC Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake, April 2015.
Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake films hammerhead sharks for Discovery Canada's Daily PlenetUnderwater cameraman Duncan Brake joined the Earth Touch team to film some key sequences of the Great Hammerhead Shark for their show ‘Hunting the Hammerhead’, featuring Shark Scientist Dr Craig O’Connell as he tests his shark safe barrier.

  • RED EPIC Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake, March 2015.
Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake films hammerhead sharks for Discovery Canada's Daily PlenetDuncan Brake joins Discovery’s Daily Planet team to film sharks in the Bahamas. The team visits the world renowned SharkLab BBFS. Where they capture sequences featuring measuring great hammerhead sharks with laser beams, Tagging Tiger Sharks and bull sharks and spear tagging hammerheads whilst free-diving.

  • ‘ATLANTIC: The Wildest Ocean on Earth’- BBC2, BBC NATURAL HISTORY UNIT. (3 part series) Episode 3 From Heaven to Hell.
  • RED EPIC Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake, April 2014 – November 2014 (various shoot dates).
Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake filming AtlanticIn the balmy tropical Atlantic, everything from dolphins, manatees and whale sharks to sunbathing jellyfish thrive in the Caribbean’s warm, sheltered waters, fringed with coral reefs and rich mangrove forests. Epic filming with Gates Underwater housing of  unique natural behavior of various species in 4 and 5K. Sequences filmed in  the Caribbean included: Spotted and Bottlenose dolphins, Bleached corals, upside down jellyfish (Cassiopeia) and rough weather sequences. Click here for an online clip of the Cassiopeia in action.

  • ‘SHARK – BBC’, BBC NATURAL HISTORY UNIT. (3 part series). Aired on Discovery’s SHARK WEEK as ‘SHARK PLANET’.
  • RED EPIC Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake, April 2013 – October 2014 (various shoot dates).
Underwater cameraman Duncan BrakeRED Epic filming with Gates Underwater housing of  unique natural behavior of sharks in 4 and 5K. Sequences filmed in  the Caribbean included: Adult Lemon sharks giving birth, juvenile Lemons in the Mangrove nursery, Nurse sharks feeding on queen conch and Also Great Hammerhead sharks. Also assisted with BTS filming of aerial sequences. Click here for a BBC online article about Duncan Brake filming Lemon Sharks in the Mangroves.

  • RED EPIC Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake, April 2014.
Underwater cameraman Duncan BrakePioneering scientist Dr Michael Domeier risks life and limb on a worldwide chase tracking the biggest shark ever captured and tagged in the world – Gill Rakers, who he names after the distinctive mating scars on her gills. Wrestling with a range of highly dangerous sharks – Great Whites, Tigers, Bulls and Lemons – he develops his tagging methods as he pursues his lifelong quest to prove that sharks give birth in the places where they themselves were born.

  • ‘INSIDE THE ANIMAL MIND – Chris Packham’. BBC2/BBC Earth – BBC Scotland.
  • RED EPIC Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake, September 2013.
Underwater cameraman Duncan BrakeIn this episode of the Series we follow presenter Chris Packham as he travels the globe looking at how animal senses effect how they live and survive. Chris Packham examine how Shark senses are able to detect magnetic fields. Duncan Brake filmed Chris Packham under water using OTS full face masks to communicate his observations of the sharks and magnets.

  • ‘SUPER SENSES’ The secret power of Animals: (Superhuman Animals). BBC/BBC Earth/BBC America – BBC Natural History Unit.
  • RED EPIC Underwater cameraman Duncan Brake, November 2013.
Underwater cameraman Duncan BrakeThe BBC’s new Natural History Unit series Beyond Human, exploring the extraordinary world of animal senses. Presented by physicist Helen Czerski and biologist Patrick Aryee, Beyond Human explores how animals sense their world in ways far beyond our human capabilities.


  • Camera Operator (Duncan Brake), Shoot Dates: August 07th – 13th 2012
  • Whale Wars cameramanFollow world famous magician JB Benn as he travels across the world taking his own brand of Street Magic to the various people that he meets along the way whilst exploring the local culture. In this segment JB Benn encounters the people of the Bahamas on the island of Nassau. Currently in Post Production.
  • Director of Photography (Jillian Morris), Dates: June 10th – 15th 2012.
  • Whale Wars cameraman Join a group of teachers from Kansas City, Missouri as Dr. Mike Heithaus has them get their hands on science and research in the Florida Everglades. It is important for teachers to have a first hand experience that they can share with their students in order to enhance the learning experience. Lots of adventures and lots of laughs as these teachers put in long days in the field.Website
  • “BERMUDA TRIANGLE” (working title), Darlow Smithson Productions, Discovery America.
  • Underwater Videographer & Talent (Jillian Morris) Underwater camera assistant, safety, talent (Duncan Brake), Shoot: May 20th – 24th 2012.
  • Whale Wars cameraman Jillian and Duncan team up with local fishing guides and an aviation crash examiner, hoping to find answers for a woman whose father went missing in the Bermuda Triangle. They explore several unidentified plane wrecks in search of clues that might bring closure to the family, and also try and use science to explain the many dissapearences in the triangle. In Post Production
  • “HOW TO SURVIVE A DISASTER MOVIE with Eric Lampaert”, Super Hero TV, Channel 5, UK.
  • Underwater Videographer, guide & talent (Jillian Morris), In water safety and talent (Duncan Brake) Shoot Dates: May 26th 2012.
  • Whale Wars cameraman Follow British Comedian Eric Lampaert as he visits Bimini to dive with sharks and figure out myth versus fact in the movie Jaws. After trying to put his survival skills to the test on a desert island, Duncan and Jillian put Eric face to face with some large sharks as he discovers the reality of these amazing animals. Eric’s Website.
  • Underwater Videographer (Duncan Brake), Location Coordinator (Jillian Morris) Shoot Dates: April 2012.
  • Whale Wars cameraman In honor of Shark Week’s 25th anniversary, Wendy Benchley takes a look at how Jaws, the movie impacted global perceptions of sharks. The widow of Jaw’s author Peter Benchley and her team, travel to Bimini to see what is being done to protect sharks and their mangrove habitat and immerse themsleves in the sharks environment.Click here for trailer.
  • Director of Photography & Producers (Duncan Brake & Jillian Morris), Shoot Dates: November 27th 2011 – January 22nd 2012.
  • Whale Wars cameraman Join Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson and his eco warriors as they battle against whaling in Antarctica for another season of ANIMAL PLANETS Emmy nominated series; Whale Wars. The M/V “Brigitte Bardot” gets hit by a 30ft rogue wave and the race is on to not only save the whales, but also the crew of the damaged vessel. Click here for online content.
  • “THE EVERGLADES”, (Interactive kiosk), Symbio Studios, Museum of Discovery, Miami.
  • Underwater and topside Videographer (Jillian Morris), Shoot Dates: October 2nd – 06th 2011.
  • Whale Wars cameraman Join Dr. Mike Heithaus and his Florida International University Phd students as they capture alligators, tag bull sharks and electro fish in the Florida Everglades. Discover how scientists are able to track and learn about these creatures in their natural environment. Available at interactive kiosks at the Museum of Discovery.
  • Directors of Photography (Duncan Brake & Jillian Morris), Shoot Dates: July 12th – September 01st 2011.
  • Whale Wars cameramanIn this spin off series of the Emmy-nominated Whale Wars on Animal Planet. We join Captain Paul Watson and his motley crew of Sea Shepherds aboard the “Steve Irwin” and the “Brigit Bardot”, (previously “Gojira”) in six action packed episodes as they patrol the waters of the Faroe Islands in an attempt to stop the slaughter of Pilot Whales and change the hearts and minds of the Faroese people. Click here for online content.
  • “SCHOOL OF THE WORLD – THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE”, (Series Pilot) School of the World.
  • Underwater Videographers (Duncan Brake & Jillian Morris), Shoot Dates: May 08th – 14th May 2011.
  • Whale Wars cameraman Join globe-trotting photographer Zach McDuffie —founder of a school for travelers in Costa Rica and an expert on learning vacations — along with co-host and international model Natazha Aiken as they seek out the world’s most fascinating workshops, retreats and fantasy camps. In this pilot the team learns to photograph sharks, dolphins and sting rays in the Bahamas. Teaser Trailer.
  • “THAT’S AMAZING – KILLER KITTIES”, (Interactive text books) Symbio Studios, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
  • Underwater and Topside camera Operator (Jillian Morris), Shoot Dates: February 18th – 02nd March 2011.
  • Whale Wars cameramanThis episode featured Dr. M. Heithaus exploring Project Eden in Shark Bay, Australia. “That’s amazing”, looks at the problem with invasive species and how scientists of the park are preventing these animals from devestating the populations of the native species. Additional footage was shot of the shark , turtle and ray tagging-to be used in future episodes. Preview available soon.
  • Camera Operator (Duncan Brake), Shoot Dates: November 27th 2010 – March 06th 2011.
  • Whale Wars cameramanThe EMMY nominated fourth season of Whale Wars on Animal Planet. Once again, we join Captain Paul Watson and his motley crew of Sea Shepherds aboard the “Bob Barker”, “Steve Irwin” and the “Gojira” in ten thrilling episodes as they battle Japanese whalers in the Antarctic seas and attempt to end whaling in the Southern ocean for good. For Series Trailer click here.
  • “SWIM AND STYLE”, “AMERICAN EXPRESS”, (Promotional video).
  • Underwater videographer (Jillian Morris), Shoot Dates: July 18th 2010.
  • Whale Wars cameramanEach year Mercedes Fashion week hits Miami with lavish parties and events. Partnered with American express, a performance was given by the Aqualilies in the pool at the historic Raleigh Hotel on South Beach. The Aqualilies are a synchronized swimming & dance team based in Los Angeles. For Series Trailer click here.
  • “BREATHE”, (Documentary special), M. Khodabakhshian, Film festival release.
  • Topside and underwater videographers (Duncan Brake & Jillian Morris), Shoot Date: April 15th – April 29th 2010.
  • Whale Wars cameramanDocumentary special about world record breaking free diver William Trubridge as he pushes himself deeper and deeper, discover what lengths and super human feats he will go to, to become the deepest man at free immersion free diveing in the world. Free immersion takes him to the depths using no fins or weights. For Series Trailer click here.
  • Topside and underwater videographers (Duncan Brake & Jillian Morris), Shoot Date: April 12th – April 14th 2010.
  • Whale Wars cameramanThe first “AMAZING” segment covers the live birth of a lemon shark in the mangroves of Bimini, Bahamas. The following segment covers world champion freediver “William Trubridge” as he attempts a world record freedive to 300ft without fins or weights all in one breath, at Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island Bahamas. For Series Trailer click here.
  • Underwater lighting, topside and underwater second camera operators (Duncan Brake & Jillian Morris), Shoot Date: April 10th – 29th 2010.
  • Whale Wars cameramanEvery minute your body performs a million different actions and Michael Mosley showed us some of the more extreme ones in Inside the Human Body: First to Last (BBC1). This segment covered breathing, following world champion free diver “Herbert Nitsch”, who can hold his breath for nine minutes. For Series Trailer click here.
  • “KOURTNEY & KHLOE – TAKE”, “Season 2, episode”, Bunim-Murray Productions, E Channel.
  • Underwater videographer (Jillian Morris), Shoot Date: April 09th 2010.
  • Whale Wars cameramanTwo of the Kardashian sisters go to Miami Beach for the summer to open a branch of their clothing boutique and to socialize and party. Khloe tries to face her fear of the water by jumping into scuba gear and plunging beneath the surface with her sister Kourtney, and South Beach Divers. For Series Trailer click here.
  • Underwater videographer (Duncan Brake), Topside 2nd camera and talent (Jillian Morris), Shoot Dates: February 05th – 20th 2010.
  • Whale Wars cameramanIn the season premiere on Hooked, two record breaking spearfishermen join up with a team of marine scientists to spear satellite-tag a Marlin in order to track its movements in the feeding grounds off the “Three Kings” rocks north of New Zealand. This adventure puts them face to face with bronze whaler sharks, Makos and Marlin.Click here for sample segment.
  • Underwater videographer (Duncan Brake), Topside second camera (Jillian Morris), Shoot Dates: August 25th – 28th 2009.
  • Whale Wars cameramanIn this seasons episode of Hooked, scientists at the Bimini Biological Field Station a.ka. SharkLab chase down and capture a lemon shark by hand to satellite tag and track its movements. The team then plunges beneath the surface to catch and tag a nurse shark buy hand using nothing but a noose and wrestling the shark to the surface. Preview not available
  • “PIRATES OF THE FLATS” (Series), Orion Multimedia, ESPN and ESPN2.
  • Underwater video footage (Duncan Brake & Jillian Morris), Shoot Dates May 01st – 25th 2009.
  • Whale Wars cameramanPirates of the Flats follows news anchor Tom Brokaw, actor Michael Keaton, angling icon Lefty Kreh, author Thomas McGuane, industry leaderYvon Chouinard (Patagonia), and photographer R. Valentine Atkinson as they prepare to rendezvous with each other on the famed saltwater flats of the Bahamas. Their quest? The island’s legendary bonefish. How can people save these last great coastal environments? It’s a question that is being pursued by some of the world’s top scientists from the Cape Eleuthra Institute, Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, and The Bahamas. Click here for trailer.
  • Underwater videographer (Duncan Brake), Shoot Dates: February 04th – 10th 2009.
  • Whale Wars cameramanIn this seasons episode of Hooked, two field scientists fish for Bull Sharks in Bimini, Bahamas using a poly ball method. The team captures, wrestles, tags and works up an adult bull shark before swimming the shark by hand in order to get the oxygen back over the gills before releasing the shark.Click here for sample segment.
  • “HOOTERS DREAM GIRL” (Mini Series), Shark Segment, FOX SPORTS. 
  • Underwater Video (Duncan Brake), Underwater production stills: (Matt Potenski), Shoot Date November 14th 2008
  • Whale Wars cameramanBest Damn’s 3rd Annual Hooters Dream Girl special, based in Bimini, Bahamas. 16 all-new swimsuit models are highlighted and compete for first place. In this episode the dream girls go swimming with reef sharks and hold baby sharks at the world renown shark lab, will they be brave enough to dive in to the deep end?Click here for full webisode.
  • “DEADLY 60” (Tiger Shark Episode), BBC NHU, BBC, NAT GEO WILD and CBBC. 
  • Underwater 2nd camera and guide (Duncan Brake), Underwater production stills (Matt Potenski), Shoot Dates November 05th-13th 2008
  • Whale Wars cameramanAdventurer and naturalist Steve Backshall has one mission: to travel the globe in search of 60 of the world’s deadliest animals. On this episode of Deadly 60, Steve travels to the Bahamas to confront the tiger sharks, lemon sharks and hammerheads, getting up close and personal with these predators of the deep? Click here for full webisode.
  • “INTO THE DRINK” SEASON 1: (8 part series), Liquid Assets,.
  • Underwater and Topside camera operator (Jillian Morris), Shoot Dates: September 17th – October 06th 2008
  • into the drinkInto the Drink is a travel show like no other, taking viewers beyond the tourist map, and into the unknown. It’s an intoxicating celebration of exotic destinations near and far, featuring electric diving, eclectic nightlife, vibrant spirits and colorful people. Each journey Into The Drink introduces viewers to local breweries and distilleries, and dives into regions around the world shared by some of the most mystifying creatures in the ocean.Click here for teaser trailer.
  • “SHARK U” : (8 part series), Original Productions, FOX8.
  • Underwater DOP (Duncan Brake), Shoot Dates: August 20th – October 17th 2008
  • Just off the coast of Florida, on the small island of Bimini, a team of young, twenty-something Marine Biologists, led by grizzled veteran Dr. “Doc” Gruber, have dedicated themselves to the study of the ocean’s deadliest predator: the shark. Their hope is that by understanding them they can save lives, both human and shark.Click here for teaser trailer

  • “Na Nai’A, THE LEGEND OF THE DOLPHINS”, (Full feature movie), Magic Factory Productions Inc, Cinema Release.
  • Underwater Cameraman (Duncan Brake), Shoot Dates: June 01st – June 18th 2008
  • Whale Wars cameramanFor fifty million years they’ve been roaming the oceans of the Earth. The dolphins of the world unite in this fantastic story of their power, their message to humanity, and their survival. Filmed through the oceans of Hawaii, The Bahamas, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mozambique, and the Amazon River of Brazil. Predators hunt them, Pollution of their environment endangers them, but these intelligent beings continue to live effortlessly as the guardians of the sea. The story is told by a wonderful cast including KATE WINSLETELLEN PAGEGERARD BUTLERMEGAN FOX, JAMES FRANCOJULIAN LENNON, DIEGO LUNA, CHEECH MARIN, WHOOPI GOLDBERG, ISABELLA ROSSELLINI and DARYL HANNAHClick Here for trailer.
  • “EXTREME ANIMALS, IN THE WOMB”, (90 min special) Shark Segment, Pioneer productions, Nat Geo, ITV.
  • Camera assistant (Duncan Brake), Shoot dates: May 8th – May 12th 2008
  • Whale Wars cameramanIn this installment of the critically acclaimed In the Womb series: Extreme Animals explores the extraordinary methods of reproduction and gestation of four different animals: sharks, emperor penguins, red kangaroos and parasitic wasps. Using real-time 4-D ultrasound images and fetal imaging techniques, this program follows unusual developmental challenges in utero.Click here for sample segment.
  • “EVOLUTION OF SEX”, (Episode) Shark Segment, History Channel Produced, HISTORY CHANNEL.
  • Underwater Videographer (Duncan Brake), Shoot dates: January 16th – January 20th 2008
  • Whale Wars cameramanIn the history of life on earth, sex may be the ultimate survival skill, because the bottom line is: reproduce or die. This episode looks at sex in its many forms, from sharks–among the first vertebrates to have intercourse to dinosaurs that had to figure out how to join their giant bodies together to mate and finally humans.Click here for sample segment.
  • Topside natural history second camera (Duncan Brake), Shoot Dates: February 05th – 20th 2006.
  • Whale Wars cameramanAccording to the experts, most species of these ocean wanderers are in danger of extinction. It’s claimed a hundred thousand are needlessly killed every year, with fisheries and longline practices devastating their populations. One man, a future king, Prince Charles has taken up the challenge to try and stop them being wiped out.Click here for sample segment.