Video Production

Underwater and Topside Cinematographer services. Camera operators and equipment for Blue Chip documentaries, broadcast Television, Reality TV, 4k-5k RED EPIC Mysterium X with GATES UW housing.

Photograph/ Duncan Brake filming a Great Hammerhead Shark
Copyright/ Jillian Morris Brake

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We can provide underwater and topside cameramen, underwater photographers, safety divers, underwater lighting, underwater producers, UW camera kit rental talent, surface supervisors, guiding, location and permit assistance and more.

Our born of water multi-talented crew are at home above and below the water, excelling in extreme environments. Our first footage to be broadcast went live in 2005 and since then we’ve been involved in numerous film projects, including filming and location management, for productions broadcast on the BBC, Animal Planet, Discovery, ABC, NBC, FOX, National Geographic and many more.

Our team has worked in a wide range of environments from Antarctica to the Caribbean and helped produce natural history sequences, theatrical releases, presenter-led documentaries, reality shows, and many more. With a marine biology background we are knowledgeable and passionate about the subjects we film.

Here are a Few examples of some of the shows, documentaries and productions we have worked on, for a more definitive list please see our list of credits and awards.

DISCOVERY – “SHARKS Vs DOLPHINS” – (episode for shark week) Pangolin Pictures – Under water cameraman July 2015
BBC – “ATLANTIC” (Series), BBC Natural History Unit – Underwater Cameraman 2014
BBC – “SHARK” – BBC Natural History Unit – Underwater Cameraman 2013 – 2014

Recent works