Team Work

Duncan Brake

Director of Photogaphy, Underwater Cameraman

Jillian Morris Brake

Producer, Underwater camera, Underwater photographer

Pics of our Team in the Field

Images of the Team on various productions around the world.

Duncan Brake and his team have worked throughout the world on various productions for major networks. If you are in need of a cohesive, highly skilled production team above and below the water look no further. We can also offer professional safety divers, skilled in full face mask safety protocols, shark work and underwater sound and lighting; as well as Marine Biology qualified underwater and topside talent. Whatever your production needs. From fast paced boat based action to the depths of the Oceans, Duncan has a crew of highly experienced, skilled professionals that can complement any production above or below the water level..

What clients say about us


“On our recent 4K EPIC shoot for Shark Week, Duncan Brake fully understood the shots we needed and the time we had to get them. His expertise on the animals, was only surpassed by his craft as a cinematographer. Tie it all together with him being a great guy, who made being on a boat in heavy sea and squalls actually seem fun” . Kevin Bachar / President, Executive Producer Pangolin Pictures – ‘Sharks Vs Dolphins’ for Shark Week 2016

“Duncan and Jillian spent several months capturing and crafting some beautiful sequences for our blue chip shark series. Their patience, teamwork and technical skills allowed them to capture some never before seen sequences of the sharks. They are a hard working team players who are as comfortable below the waters as they are above. “.Steve Greenwood / Series Producer – ‘BBC SHARK’ (‘PLANET SHARK’- for Discovery Shark Week 2015)